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  • To Develop and Success Together!

    To develop and success together is the common belief of Chinese and Turkish governments and people.

  • The first batch of Chile “KingCherry” shipping cherry officially landed in guangzhou!

    On December 20, 2008, the first batch of Chilean "KingCherry" shipping cherries officially met with the majority of consumers in the jiangnan market of guangzhou. This is the main brand product of Kingship's team, which grows overseas and strives to build an international high-end food brand.

  • Kingship cooperated with China Eastern cargo logistics directly for the first time

    On December 18, 2008, in this beautiful day, Kingship's last batch of Chilean cherry airfreight was transported from Santiago to Shanghai pudong international airport by China Eastern airlines CK272 air cargo charter, which perfectly ended the 2018 Chilean cherry airfreight.

  • Fresh, from “KingCherry” Chile cherry

    As Chile cherry bright peak, after a lot of orchard was stored in cherry orchards and no precooling, noon to send packaging plant, the quality will be decreased, in order to ensure the highest quality of "KingCherry", our cooperation must be the first time after picking orchard field precooling, below is one of the unique and efficient precooling technology of live images.

  • China cargo aviation co., LTD visits Kingship Chile

    On December 17, 2008, sun xuesong, general manager of China cargo aviation co., ltd. and 8 other leaders visited Kingship Chile and delivered a large 777 cargo plane model. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the cooperation of multiple links in the fruit industry chain.

  • Learning by heart

    On December 17, 2008, Kingship team visited China Goldjoy securities co., LTD., a subsidiary of China baoneng holding co., ltd. with five persons in charge of global operation business, finance and securities, to have an in-depth exchange of views on mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and other business development.

  • KingBlueberry

    Kingship and the family of agricultural counselor Carlos Parra (blueberry farmer) reached a major cooperation agreement on blueberry planting and processing

  • Visit Talca University Chile

    On December 13, 2008, Kingship team and Dr. Jose, director of Pomaceas fruit research center at the university of Talca exchanged views and reached consensus on the development, application and cooperation schemes of the latest varieties of cherries, pears and other varieties and patented technologies.

  • Visit INDAP

    Today, the Kingship team was invited to visit CURICO government and agricultural development research institute (INDAP) and had friendly discussions with the leaders of CURICO on agricultural project cooperation.


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