[Source: Fresh Plaza] Chinese fruit exporters unite in PPFC

Date:2017-06-12 23:55

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First national platform for the export of certified premium fruits

Chinese fruit exporters unite in PPFC

Shenzhen Kingship is a stock exchange registered import and export company from Shenzhen in Southern China. At the end of 2016, Shenzhen Kingship was ranked within the top 900 companies, among 11 thousand companies listed on the NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations), the second most important stock exhange in China; issuing its first shares in 2017.

Recently, the company signed an agreement of strategic collaboration with a number of Chinese fruit growers and cooperatives to to set up the PPFC, a new organisation that promotes the export of certified food products from China. The PPFC will be a main partner of the China Association for Consumer Products Quality and Safety Promotion (CACPQSP), a sub-organization of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) in China. 

PPFC is a national platform for the export of high-end Chinese fruits. All members are large growers and export companies certified for food export. The platform will help Kingship better participate in the competition in the global market by improving its core competencies and providing it with a supply of high-quality products.

PPFC's partners include: 

Launch ceremony of the PPFC

Kingship having a meeting with Asociacion de Exportadores de Chile (ASOEX)

According to Mr. Hanqing Li, the CEO of Shenzhen Kingship, to improve Chinese export business and satisfy the needs of domestic consumers, Kingship has signed an agreement with an airliner to ship their products by chartered flights for the first time from Seattle straight to Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou in July.
The future routes will include cities like LA, Seattle, Vancouver, Mexico City and San Diego. In the meantime, Kingship has also discussed future cooperation improving shipping speed by sea and the development of a track and trace platform for import and export. The coopereation does not only include Chinese domestic organisations, but also a number of international players such as the Chilean Asociacion de Exportadores de Chile (ASOEX) and East West Bank.

East West Bank will provide financial support to Kingship for the charter services.
According to Li, earlier this year the company started working closely with Chinese government authorities to implement a traceability system for imported fruit, as well as to ensure the quality of products; specifically, they have a strategic agreement with China Consumer Goods Quality and Safety Promotion Association, an organization dependent of AQSIQ, China's phytosanitary body.

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Publication date: 6/12/2017