CEO of Summerfruit Australia Visited Shenzhen Kingship

Date:2017-07-19 16:15
On July 10th, 2017, John Moore, CEO of Summerfruit Australia Ltd. (SAL), Chunguang Feng, director of Chinese Association for Consumer Products Quality and Safety Promotion (CACPQSP), Hanqing Li, Chairman of Shenzhen Kingship and Wenhua Zhou, board member of Shenzhen Kingship, had a business meeting in Luohu, Shenzhen.undefined
In March, 2017, Mr. Moore and Mr. Li have already met each other in Shanghai's PMA Fresh Connection during which they discussed quality and logistics of Australia stone fruits, and they promised to establish business connection between the SAL and Kingship in the future.
And in July's meeting, the three parties talked on fumigation facilities, establishment of Exporting Produce & Food Quality Safety Brand Alliance (PPFC), buying Australia orchards, allowable imported fruits and quality and safety of fruit import-export. Mr. Moore spoke highly of PPFC, and looked forward to having close business contacts with Shenzhen Kingship and PPFC.undefined