Support by CACPQSP, a Sub-Organization of China’s AQSIQ, and Shenzhen Kingship Guangzhou Jiangnan Market Office Grand Opening!

Date:2018-01-28 15:46
On Jan. 26 2018, support by CACPQSP, a sub-organization of China’s AQSIQ, Shenzhen Kingship Guangzhou Jiangnan market office grand opening.
The opening of the Guangzhou Jiangnan market office, will give full play to the five advantages of the company's "resources, capital, norms, integrity and quality", which will surely attract more suppliers from all over the world to cooperate with us, and the channel wholesale business will go up to a new level!
In this New Year, the company team not only strengthens the sales force in the wholesale market, but also joins the Jingdong Cloud Unbounded Retail Cloud Technology Platform which is developed by JD and Tencent. Our company also obtains an invitation in Beijing Jingdong headquarters this March. After this conference, products input in the platform, will also input in many e-commerce platform, such as: JD, Aamazon, Tmall, Taobao, Suning, Gome, Pinduoduo, Dangdang, Mogujie and so on. The company sales ability will be improved unprecedentedly!
In 2018, Kingship will teamed up with the industry's top scientists, biologists, doctoral supervisor, American scientists Peng Ming, Ph.D., he was received in September 2017 by the state council vice prime premier, Mr. Ma Kai, for the highest honor established by foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions in the modernization of our country "China's friendship award" (2017 a total of 50 overseas people from 21 countries) last year, and the United States biologist Dr Liang Chao, compose a state-level scientific research team of dedicated research and development for the Chinese taste high-grade fruit and high quality organic fertilizer, will benefit more for the global growers and for consumers to bring more healthy high quality fruit.
With the implementation of the global layout of projects such as Chile, Canada, Australia and Thailand, Kingship will be able to supply the high-quality fruits for global consumers all year.
In this New Year, Kingshiper will strive to become one of the most successful companies in China's agricultural overseas investment!
Special thanks for the opening ceremony:
国家质检总局财务司原司长 王铁夫
中国消费品质量安全促进会秘书长 曾召朋
中信集团信业基金首席财务官董事总经理 任烨
美籍生物学家、博士生导师 彭明博士
美籍生物学家 梁超博士
美国华美银行广州分行 欧礼桦行长
天河区政协委员、美国华美银行深圳分行 黄佩珊行长
智利Gesex公司代表 Braulio
智利种植者代表 Agroexport Unibas Ltda.
智利华商总会副会长 孙增明
智利安明集团 薛来好
亚太会计师事务所 王会计师
中国天诚资源 余子川总经理
省人保副总 潘振雄
安阳乐绎农经供应链总经理 崔婷
君为信青岛办 于总
unitec水果设备 俞总
广州市江秾汇市场服务管理有限公司 郑南燊总经理
广州市江秾汇市场服务管理有限公司 涂少锐经理
泰星盛集团有限公司 荘总
九曳供应链广州办事处负责人 陈睿
上海佳农脐橙实业有限公司销售经理 李乃龙
广州东鲜果行 宋承明
广州展卉贸易有限公司 兰上钩
龙潮果业 锦生
广州金源 民哥、秋哥、源仔、友仔
绿带食品 王清龙
中国天诚资源有限公司 余子川总经理
福建德众果业 牛哥
山东德胜果业 阎岩(山东老岩)
大连联友水果批发商行 赵红军
长沙绿叶 胡杰
南昌胡群果业 朱武
嘉兴绿海贸易有限公司广州采购经理 秦楠
沈阳永飞果品经销行、沈阳宏泰精品水果商行 郝斌
雷州市喜原生态农业发展有限公司 郑晓迪
北京聚世达果业有限公司 张秀锋
杭州叶氏兄弟集团 金文刚
金华汇优精品果业 傅德纯(金华小付)
广州易轮贸易有限公司 梁欣琪(华女)
上海兆丰百源国际贸易有限公司 赵海峰
广州市曲明农业科技有限公司宗经理 曲明
广州江南永新鲜果公司 陈永新
广州江南仨合公司 曾健强