Shenzhen Kingship Deng Zixin Academician Workstation
Academician of experts is the top leaders in science and technology in our country, has a strong influence and the highest authority, the workstation to gather first-class experts and full of potential reserve force of science and technology, and make the relevant science and technology resources and innovative factors to the enterprise cluster, workstation based on a member of the team to build a high level comprehensive academic seminars, foresight and strategy platform, provides the enterprise technology innovation forward-looking information, make the enterprise become the decision-making body of technology innovation.Around the national revitalization of industry and strategic industry important technical innovation needs, give full play to the workstation high-end, frontier, crossover, agglomeration and strategic guide, the unique advantages of implementation across from technology follow to lead.
1. Date of Establishment          
2. Workstation Obejectives      
3. Academician Introduction    
4. Workstation Plan               
5. Workstation Principle        
6. Project Introduction           
7. Academician Interview
8. Workstation Highlights
9. Academician Photos
1. Date of establishment: May 10th, 2018
2. Workstation Objectives: workstation powered by demand as the guidance, mutual benefit and win-win results, to build long-term, stable relations of cooperation as the core, the use of academician (experts) and his team of connections, behind the ability of resources and agglomeration, brand effect, at a lower cost of more efficient way to obtain higher end innovation resources, rapidly improving technology innovation ability and accelerate the process of supply chain transformation of scientific and technological achievements.
Kingship understands that the vitality of the workstation lies in the mode innovation.To build a research and development base, establish R&D entities, and create more international brands is our long-term goal, and it is also the foundation for our continuous development.
3. Academician (Experts) and Team Introduction
Deng Zixin Academician

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Academician of American Academy of Microbiolog

President of GIM-IC
Researcher Peng Ming
Asian American Scientist
PhD of Auburn University, Molecule and Genetics (1993)
Scientist of Institute of Tropical Bioscience and Biotechnology, Doctoral Supervisor
“Chinese Government Friendship Award” winner (2017)
“Chinese Government Friendship Award” winner (2017)
Over 90 academic papers, 5 academic writings and 16 scientific research projects
4. Workstation Plan

Shenzhen Kingship Company Limited
Academician (Specialist) Workstation Plan


Workstation powered by demand as the guidance, mutual benefit and win-win results, to build a long-term, stable relations of cooperation as the core, to use of academician (experts) and his team's connections, the resources and the ability of gathering, to rapidly improve Kingship's science and technology innovation ability. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the workstation, the specification process is specially formulated.


1. Structure and Responsiblities


 Station manager: the company's general manager, Dr. Liang chao, took charge of the administrative work of the workstation, responsible for the development planning, the preparation, review and organizational decision of the work plan. Command and coordinate the normal implementation of all work in the station, utilize the overall function of the whole station, make clear the division and responsibility of each member of the station, and stick to the democratic decision.

Deputy manager: Deng Zixin, Academician of Chinese academy of sciences and Dr Peng Ming, the National 973 project chief scientist, tropical biological technology research institute, Chinese academy of tropical agriculture sciences, director of the academic committee. They are responsible for the scientific research workstation, to guide the R&D team in science research, and to provide technical support and services to the company's global whole ecosystems.


Manager assitant: by the assistant general manager of the company, under the leadership of the manager, actively assist academician and experts' task and responsible to the manager, in accordance with the requirements for manager to complete scientific research plan and project management, positive advice, complete other work arranged by the manager and deputy manager.


Project department: the manager assistant is responsible for organizing and formulating the overall plan of the project according to the project development content and schedule requirements


2. Job Description


Under the supervision of academician and experts, to guide Kingship's Shenzhen Baoan fruit and vegetable planting base, Yunnan Xishuangbanna organic fertilizer production base, Chile Curico cherry and blueberry seedlings, planting, packaging, processing bases. To inhibit soil degradation, protect the ecological environment, lowering the cost of farm produce and ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, to help Kingship  create the world's first-class high-end food brand of agricultural products,  to provide a full range of professional and technical services for Kingship's continuous and stable development.


To guide Kingship to develop future global production base development plan.


To develop a high level R & D team for Kingship, and undertake technical training of technical personnels within the company.


To make full use of the resources of the international first-class actinomycetes of Deng Zixin academician, and develop a number of highly efficient and low-cost patented microbial organic fertilizer formula; to assist Kingship to improve the existing production and processing equipment and introduce the world's most advanced processing solutions to ensure that Kingship is the global leader in the international brands.


To make full use of the national 973 project chief scientist Dr Peng Ming in crop breeding technology's international standing and repository, to develop a more high-quality brand exclusive seedlings of parental generation, in order to ensure Kingship's King series' sustainability and to provide strong technical support.


To participate in a series of brand seminars in the world and deliver speeches.


3. Daily Management and Service


Manager assistant is responsible for academician workstation daily management, experts and academicians and its team of scientific research, to provide all necessary working and living conditions for the academician and the team.


Shenzhen Kngship Co., Ltd.


5. Workstation Principles
Academician experts, demand as the foundation, projects as the core, the enterprise as the main body, the efficiency as the fundamental.
6. Project Introduction
To make full use of the resources of the international first-class actinomycetes of deng zi new academician, and develop a number of highly efficient and low-cost patented microbial organic fertilizer formula;Assist Kingship to improve the existing production and processing equipment and introduce the world's most advanced deep processing solutions to ensure that you are the global leader in the international brands of the letter series.
7. Academician Interview
8. Workstation Highlights
Make full use of academician Deng Zixin's first-class actinomycetes strains resources, to develop a high-end, high efficiency and low cost of patent of microbial organic fertilizer formula, through Kingship's capital operational platform, with the branding to transform the team's top scientific research achievements into application. At the same time our brand products are in harmony with China's ecological environment protection development planning and requirements, both to inhibit soil degradation, and protect the ecological environment. The academician workstation will cooperate with the government to fight against the pollution and fight for a long long time.
9. Academician Photos