Global Ecological Chain
1. Shenzhen Fruit and Vegetable Center
2. Yunan Plantation Center
3. Chilean Early-season Cherry
4. Chilean Mid-season Cherry
5. Chilean Blueberry
6. Chilean Packing Houses
7. Chilean Packaging Factory
8. Chilean Nursery
9. Ecological Chain Service
1. Shenzhen Kingship Microorganism Applied Technology Transformation Center
2. Kingship Organic Fertilizer Yunnan Production Center
3. 33 Orchards Plantation Cooperation Project — Sagrada Familia de Curico, Chile
4. 54 Orchards Plantation Cooperation Project – Romeral de Curico, Chile
5. Fresh and Frozen Blueberry Packing Project –Vallefrio, Chile
6. Chile Packing House Cooperation Project
7. Chile Packaging Factory Cooperation Project
8. Chile Nursery Cooperation Project
9. Ecological Chain Service
Kingship’s agricultural machinery, roofs, pesticides, organic fertilizer show room in Curico will provide an all-around ecological chain service for all KingCherry brand partners.