Address by Chairman

Kingship has a vision: through our hard work and dedication, we can achieve the goal of listing on 
Main-board of China’s stock market.  It is our hope to establish a trustworthy, respectable modern enterprise with international influences. 
Today, Kingship has transformed its main business to importing fruit, beef and seafood from all over the world. Through strategic studies, effective resource allocation, continuous optimization of investment portfolio, cooperation with research institutions and universities, improving service management and participation in capital operation, we efficiently increase our capital value and capital return. 
With the “people-oriented” philosophy, we care for our employees, and highly value talent training and encouragement. We integrate employees’ personal pursuits into company’s long-term development. They will be the masters of the company and to achieve their dreams, with talent and skills.
We make use of the resources and experiences accumulated over the years and focus on innovation and branding. With determination and stability, we strive to realize the true value of Kingship. At the same time, we hope more investors to actively participate in Kingship’s business; together, we will create values and share success!
Chairman  Hanqing Li 
Shenzhen Kingship Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Company Name: Shenzhen Kingship Co., Ltd.
Stock Name and Code: 君为信(837128)
Legal Representative: Li, Hanqing
Registered Capital: 39,8 million yuan
Date of Establishment: Oct. 6, 1997
Registered Address: No 18C,Ming Shang Ge , Shengang Building, Bao An Nan Road, Luohu ,Shenzhen,P.R. China
NEEQ Listed: May 4, 2016
Industry: According to < Index of Listed Company Classification> (revised 2012), the company belongs to “B05 agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery service industry”
On June 2nd 2016, Shenzhen Kingship Co. LTD (stock code: 837128) held its NEEQ opening ceremony with all the board members and managers. It is the beginning of Shenzhen Kingship’s entry into the capital market.
30/05/2017 Shenzhen Kingship Co., LTD emerged out of the over 11,000 New Three Board Enterprises across the country , and spectacularly entered into the innovative layer of the New Three Board., becomed  one of the most successful companies of the innovative layer.

Core Members

Board of Directors Hanqing Li
Chairman, General Manager
Donghan Long
Director, Deputy General Manager
Taiqin Zhou
Xichang Huang
Yidan Chen
Board of Supervisors
Qichuan Cui Staff Supervisor
Xiuzhu Li
Chairman of Supervisory Board
Xiaoyu Wang Supervisor
Supervisors and senior managers of the company
Hanqing Li General Manager
Xiaosi Cui
Secretary of the Board 
Yuke Yang
Chief Financial Officer

Company Structure


Core Business

Traditional Business
Shenzhen Kingship is the exclusive agent for Phibro Animal Health Corporation in China. Phibro Animal Health Corporation is an international listed company in the United States and its product, Stafac, was introduced to the global market in 1975. Because of its high technical content, stable performance and safety, Stafac is widely recognized by the customers globally.
On Sept. 3rd 2015, Stafac was approved by President of the European Commission to apply virginiamycin from chicken to poultry. This approval has increased Stafac’s production and sales.
New Business
1. Global Import Business Agent for High-end Fruit
2. Global Import Business Agent for Beef
3.Global Import Business Agent for Seafood
4. Export Business Agent for Brand Alliance’s High-end Fruit
Industry Funds, Capital Operation
1.Optimization of Investment Portfolio, Promotion of Capital Value
2.In order to realize the agreement with CACPQSP signed on July 25th,2017.we cooperated with Jiuhe grape grower in Jianshui,Yunnan Province and signed a ten-year agreement. Together,we hope to build a world-class premium Chinese grape brand.With the help from CACPQSP,we will be tagged with “PPFC-Muscat Grape”label and make its debut on Hong Kong AFL,in September 2017.

Poverty Alleviation

We respond positively to the requirements of the Commission, Kingship fruit and vegetable export project in Luzhou county of Yunnan province is establishing, strive to pay more than 20 million yuan income tax every year after completion.